Sheet Metal Dies

Sheet Metal Dies, manufactured by our expert technicians is designed as per set industrial standards and guidelines. They are among the most commonly used materials in the arena of manufacturing and moulding. Best material is being used in manufacturing these products following international standards.

We are the best manufacturers of Sheet Metal Dies in India as we deliver customized products as per requirements demonstrated by the valuable clients. Best ductility and formability standards are utilized to produce superior quality products in the industry.Our products are manufactured using rust free material integrated with zero maintenance strategy.


Sanguine Tech India, the best Sheet Metal Die manufacturer in India employs highly skilled professionals that take care of the overall manufacturing process right from the beginning to the end. Professional expertise of the technicians is being explored with the years of experience. The technical staffs are recruited after careful analysis over the qualification and experience of the individuals.

We truly understand the role of Sheet Metal Die manufacturer products in the manufacturing processes and firms. Strong and high profile material is utilized for developing durable material. All the products and their specifications are altered to fulfil a specific manufacturing objective.

Know the Insights of Stamping Process

Stamping dies or stamping presses are utilized to manufacture high volume parts of the sheet metal. The shapes of these parts are attained through effective die tooling strategy. As mentioned above, ductility and formability plays a significant role in the process.

In the manufacture of sheet metal dies, formability plays a considerable part as it is the material's ability to be stretched, bent or drawn. Ductility is the metallurgical term used for the aforesaid qualities. It is the products capability to elongate and deform without getting cracks or fracture.

Certain factors influence the formability quality of the product:

  • lubrication and die design
  • the press speed
  • control and monitoring systems
  • the press
  • feeding mechanism

We put emphasis on all the associated facts and figures to manufacture the best Sheet Metal Dies in Manesar and NCR regions. Our large clientele database proves the quality and precision that we offer via the medium of the finest industrial products. Years of expertise in producing superior products makes us the most reputed manufacturers for industrial products and supplies.

Exclusive Range of Complimentary Services

We also provide consultation services to all small to large scale clients at no additional cost. Our expert sales executive listens to your specific requirements and the best industrial product packages are then offered, tailored to the requirements being specified.

The pre sales and post sales assistance is being offered for a stipulated time frame. Customized solutions not only help accelerating the performance of industrial machinery, but also help uplifting the business sales to a large volume. So, we as the best manufacturers of Sheet Metal Dies in NCR offers the best industrial solutions and supplies at a very affordable rates.